Seattle wins award for offering healthier food options in schools and community centers

From KUOW—Cities may not be in the business of selling food, but they can determine what gets sold on public property — which includes schools, community centers, senior centers, and parks.

Seattle is one of nine cities getting praise for implementing policies to help fight obesity.

National praise, and a nudge to expand, for Seattle preschool program

From Seattle Times—A well-respected national organization recently gave Seattle’s preschool program a much deserved pat on the back.

The Seattle program has the highest quality among Pre-K programs in 40 large U.S. cities, according to a new report from the National Institute for Early Education Research at Rutgers University in partnership with nonprofit policy advocacy group CityHealth.

Seattle Preschool Program Awarded Silver Medal For Second Straight Year

From Seattle Medium—For the second year in a row, the Seattle Preschool Program was awarded high honors by a national assessment of preschool programs.  This national report assessed how the largest U.S. cities address health and well-being issues awarded honors for high-quality preschool programs, out of 40 programs across the country, only 5 programs receiving higher honors than the Seattle Preschool Program.