CityHealth’s 2021 Annual City Assessment

Since 2017, CityHealth has assessed America’s largest cities on a package of tried and tested policy solutions that can help all people have an opportunity to live healthy, full lives. Over the years, and in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, city leaders across the country have responded by redefining what health means for their cities and have developed a greater understanding of how local action can create better health outcomes for everyone.

As CityHealth prepares to expand the policies it will review, 2021 marks the final assessment of its inaugural policy package. A clear achievement stands out: 37 of 40 (92.5%) of the country’s largest cities have earned an overall medal, and 10 exemplar cities have earned an overall gold. This dramatic increase in policy adoption shows that city leaders are joining the movement to improve health for all by creating opportunities for their residents to thrive.

2021 Medals Webinar