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CityHealth, an initiative of the de Beaumont Foundation and Kaiser Permanente, advances a package of evidence-based policy solutions that will help millions of people live longer, better lives in vibrant, prosperous communities.

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CityHealth’s tried and tested policies ensure all people in our largest cities have access to good choices.

Everyone deserves the opportunity to live healthy, full lives—but not everyone in our country has an equal opportunity to achieve this.

Together with city leaders, we’re expanding access for all families to have a safe place to live, a healthy body and mind, and a thriving environment.

Visionary leaders nationwide are adopting our policy solutions that best work for their city and resolve critical health disparities—now and decades down the road.

Learn about the CityHealth team, our advisors, and our partners.

Curious about how we choose our policies? Learn about the policy selection process and how we develop our criteria.

Learn how CityHealth assesses America’s 40 largest cities on a set policies that can make real, lasting impacts in people’s everyday quality of life.

Promoting Health Equity

Learn how CityHealth works to advance policies at the local level to reduce or remove systemic barriers to health equity. 

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Interested in joining our team? See CityHealth’s open positions for currently available opportunities. CityHealth is an equal opportunity employer.