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Smoke Free Indoor Air Policies

Everyone should have access to clean air. These policies protect non-smokers from the harmful effects of tobacco, and reduce smokers’ consumption of tobacco at the same time. Tobacco is the largest preventable cause of death.

Our assessment of smoke free indoor air policies includes information about city-specific smoke free indoor air laws, along with the relevant county- and state-level laws that affect them.

This cross-sectional dataset displays laws valid through February 1, 2020.


*Out of the Nation’s 40 Largest Cities

The state of smoke free indoor air policies in big US cities

Thirty-seven out of 40 cities received a medal for smoke free indoor air policies, including 21 gold, 14 silver, and two bronze.

Measuring big cities’ smoke free indoor air policies

How did we award smoke free indoor air policy medals?Bronze medalBronze MedalSilver medalSilver MedalGold medalGold Medal
Total number of met criteriaTotal 2 out of 4 criteria listed belowTotal 3 out of 4 criteria listed belowTotal 4 out of 4 criteria listed below
1. Smoking is banned in non-hospitality workplaces, including workplaces, child care and long term care facilities
2. Smoking is banned in public places
3. Smoking is banned in restaurants
4. Smoking is banned in bars

For a bronze, a city must meet any 2 of the 4 criteria

For a silver, a city must meet any 3 of the 4 criteria

For a gold, a city must meet all 4 of the criteria

Data Deep Dive

Data were created and maintained by the Center for Public Health Law Research.

Smoke free indoor air policies medal table


Anaheim, CA

Anchorage, AK

Arlington, TX

Aurora, CO

Bakersfield, CA

Cincinnati, OH

Cleveland, OH

Colorado Springs, CO

Corpus Christi, TX

Durham, NC

Greensboro, NC

Henderson, NV

Honolulu, HI

Irvine, CA

Lexington, KY

Lincoln, NE

Miami, FL

Minneapolis, MN

New Orleans, LA

Newark, NJ

Oakland, CA

Omaha, NE

Orlando, FL

Pittsburgh, PA

Plano, TX

Raleigh, NC

Riverside, CA

Santa Ana, CA

St. Louis, MO

St. Paul, MN

Stockton, CA

Tampa, FL

Toledo, OH

Tulsa, OK

Wichita, KS