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Our Methodology

How We Assess Cities

With our city assessment, CityHealth created a public accountability tool to convey the status of the nine policies in the nation’s 40 largest cities. Working with leading subject matter experts, CityHealth developed criteria for scoring individual policies as gold, silver, bronze, or no medal.

Cities were awarded an overall city-wide medal based on how many policy medals it had earned: gold is awarded for five or more gold medal policies; silver is awarded for five or more silver or gold; and bronze is awarded for four of any combination of medals. Recognizing that cities have different needs, priorities, and realities, CityHealth does not weight policies and only requires a plurality of policies winning top marks in order to medal.

Report Methodology

Our 2020 Report Methodology describes how we score cities on each policy. Our research is conducted in partnership with the Center for Public Health Law Research at Temple University’s Beasley School of Law.