It’s Easiest to Find Healthy Food in Cafeterias and Vending Machines of These Cities

By Emma Coleman, Route 50

In many cities, healthy food can be hard to find, especially in low-income neighborhoods where grocery options are limited. The dearth of healthy options has spurred various local initiatives, from banning dollar stores to establishing community farms. 

Now, cities are turning their attention and investigating what options they make available in their own venues, such as cafeterias and vending machines in parks, as well as the food offered in sports arenas, airports, hospitals, senior centers, child care facilities, and homeless shelters.

In a new report, CityHealth, an initiative of the de Beaumont Foundation and Kaiser Permanente, investigated the healthy food procurement practices of the nation’s 40 largest cities. The cities were then ranked on both their health standards, and the implementation of those standards across city-controlled food sources.

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