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CityHealth 2020 Annual Medal Release

December 8, 2020

CityHealth 2020 Annual Medal Release

CityHealth rates the 40 largest U.S. cities on a menu of proven policies that improve people’s day-to-day quality of life, well-being, and health. Each year, cities are awarded gold, silver, and bronze medals according to the strength and number of the policies they have in place.

In 2020, 90% of cities earned an overall medal for advancing public health policies and now, more than 43 million residents live in a city that has earned an overall CityHealth medal.


  • Katrina Forrest, co-Executive Director
  • Catherine Patterson, co-Executive Director
  • Matt Westmoreland, Councilmember, City of Atlanta
  • Dr. Sarah Moyer, Chief Health Strategist, City of Louisville