CityHealth and Tips to Get Smart Fast on COVID-19

April 6, 2020

By: Shelley Hearne, President of CityHealth

CityHealth and Tips to Get Smart Fast on COVID-19

From National League of Cities’ CitiesSpeak

Last week, the American people came to know the brilliance of Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Center for Allergies and Infectious Disease. His sharp mind, competent leadership style, and a steady hand – even in a crisis – have been known to many of us in public health for quite some time. It was a great thing to see him become a household name, even reaching the rarified status of having his headshot emblazoned on a donut from the fabled Donuts Delite Bakery in Rochester, New York. (The famous Fauci donuts continue to sell out daily, and the bakery is now taking orders from every corner of the country.)

Fauci is being celebrated in this way because America needs experts right now, and we need steady leaders to help navigate this challenge and plot a path forward. This is a harrowing time for our country, with mounting infections, and stories of health workers putting their own safety on the line to save lives. The rise of our nation’s scientists truly presents a bright spot in the darkness, and as this pandemic grows in cases and length, Americans are hungry for the truth. In a day and age filled with streaming misinformation and rumor, people crave timely information from trustworthy sources. On top of that, decision-makers who need to act quickly right now, for their families, their city, their state, or even their country, need to know where to turn for good, evidence-based information.

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Dr Shelly Hearne