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Kaiser Permanente to support CityHealth population health initiative

May 21, 2018

Kaiser Permanente to support CityHealth population health initiative

Oakland, Calif.-based Kaiser Permanente is joining the de Beaumont Foundation, a public health philanthropy, in supporting the CityHealth initiative.

The initiative aims to track and report on proven policies focusing on community health priorities to make cities healthier. Specifically, the initiative is promoting nine evidence-based policies addressing socioeconomic health factors, such as affordable housing and education.

The initiative complements Kaiser Permanente’s already established community health strategy

“This innovative partnership between two national leaders is a way to catalyze change in city governments so every resident has the opportunity live a healthy life,” said Shelley Hearne, DrPH, president of CityHealth. “Working with city leaders through CityHealth, the de Beaumont Foundation and Kaiser Permanente will bring a pragmatic menu of policy options to create real results in American cities, like better pre-K programs for kids and more public places with cleaner, smoke-free air.”

The initiative will continue its efforts to identify municipal leaders’ community health policy priorities and work to advance those policies.

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