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The Road to Earned Sick Leave: What We’ve Learned

May 28, 2020

The Road to Earned Sick Leave: What We’ve Learned

On Thursday, May 28, CityHealth hosted a webinar discussing how cities can adopt or strengthen their earned sick leave policies. The webinar featured first-hand accounts by city leaders from San Antonio and Kansas City sharing their successes and challenges in their efforts to pass and earned sick leave policies. It also featured a presentation on a new poll by CityHealth showing the overwhelming popularity of sick leave policies among the general public, and provided information about how your city can partner with CityHealth to adopt these policies. This webinar is the first in a series of policymaker webinars on earned sick leave policies—stay tuned for future webinars.


  • Jennifer Herriott, Assistant Director, San Antonio Metropolitan Health District, San Antonio, TX
  • Dr. Rex Archer, Health Department Director, Kansas City, MO
  • Michael Earls, Partner, NP Strategy Group
  • Katrina Forrest, JD, National Director of Partnerships, CityHealth