Making Health Policy Consumer Friendly with Restaurant Grading

The Only Secret Should Be the Sauce

August 20, 2019

Making Health Policy Consumer Friendly with Restaurant Grading

Guest post featured on National League of Cities’ Cities Speak blog

Americans don’t just love to eat; we love to know about the foods we’re eating. Labels in restaurants increasingly inform the consumer about ingredients, calories, and even how animals have been raised.

But good luck trying to find out if your restaurant choice fares well in food safety inspections – it’s one of the last best kept secrets, despite the fact that these checks are supported with tax dollars. Only a few cities and states tell consumers before they walk in the door of a food establishment how well the business stores, handles, and prepares food, or whether they follow best practices to prevent you from being exposed to Salmonella, E.coli, Hepatitis A, or toxins that can lay low for days before wreaking havoc.

That shouldn’t be a secret.

Not only do consumers have a right to know, but growing evidence shows that when municipalities publicly grade restaurants, overall restaurant hygiene improves.

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