Pre-K Resources for Reopening and Distance Learning

July 19, 2020

Pre-K Resources for Reopening and Distance Learning

Done right, all children benefit from early childhood education, regardless of family income or zip code. High-quality Pre-K improves children’s school readiness and success: they enter school better prepared and are less likely to repeat a grade or be referred to special education. Long-term benefits include higher high-school graduation rates, lower rates of crime and teen pregnancy, higher lifetime earnings, and better health outcomes.

As we close out a school year that was fundamentally altered by the COVID-19 pandemic, this page will offer resources on both the importance of Pre-K programs and adjusting Pre-K programs in cities across the country as they are planning for an uncertain fall.

High-quality, Accessible Pre-Kindergarten Policy Page


Planning for the Upcoming School Year: How Cities Are Adapting their Pre-K Programs in the Era of COVID-19

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